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4expat is run by a small team of native Slovaks who have long-term experience working with expatriates at local international companies and are familiar with the needs and concerns visitors and expats can have after arriving into the new environment.  We have experience with assistance to VIPs and people of various nationalities settling down in the Slovak republic.   


Since most of us are natives of Bratislava, we have the personal knowledge to provide new arrivals with the help and support they need during their first days in Slovakia.  We have experience working with real-estates and are familiar with the local market and conditions.  We keep an updated database of suitable appartments and services.  We cooperate with local professional agencies. We have experience in human resources and recruitment and are able to help with your job search. We know the local living conditions and are able to find the fitting professional assistance for you in almost any field and arrange your smooth beginning in the new environment.  

This website has been created with specific purpose of helping new arrivals into Slovakia to find the most important information and get an assistance required for relocation and during their first days here.   


Competency, Good Will, Trust and Endurance





Katarina has got a long experience with provision of efficient support to expatriates coming to the Slovak republic to work for various international companies located in Bratislava.  Her professional history: research and translations for  Water Research Institute, administration of educational and cultural exchanges at USIS, the US Embassy, Price Waterhouse, programme support and human resourses at UNDP BRC.  Currently she cooperates with various international companies and international schools located in Slovakia.  Her main qualifications:


- Advanced administrative and computer skills
- Logistics and organizing skills, event organizing
- Research skills, database processing
- Human Resources: recruitment, benefits and entitlements,... 
- Marketing and mediation, work with websites
- Knowledge of local real estate market
- Public relations
- Teaching English


Graduate from Comenius University, certificates UNLPE, Academy of Real Estate Agents, UN on-line learning in various fields