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You can read about basic conditions for renting an appartment in the Slovak Republic.

This is just a sample of our recent reasonable offers in the center, we have many more which are not published here.  More details and pictures will be sent upon request :


For rent :


3 room ap, Spitalska, attick, furnished, 1000 EUR + utilities

1 room ap, Martinengova, furnished, 500 EUR utilities included

4 room ap, Petrzalka, Cernysevskeho, 8th floor, lift, partly furnished, 830EUR + 100

1 room ap, furnished, Dunajska, 2nd floor, no lift, 34m2, 498 EUR+70

3 room ap, unfurnished, Papradova, 2nd district, 90m2, 750EUR+130

3 room ap, unfurnished, Kozia, 1st district, no lift, 135m2, 1000EUR+200 

1 room ap, partly furnished, Dunajska, 432 EUR

5 room ap, furnished, Ladova, 3rd district, 141m2, by agreement 

7 room ap, furnished, attick, 29 aug.,  1st district, 240m2, 1500 EUR+ 

5 room ap, furnished, Lichardova, 1st district, 175m2, by agreement 

4 room ap, partly furnished, Opavska, Kramare, 3rd district, 120m2, 1500 EUR+

3 room ap, partly furnished, Gajova, 1st district, 90m2,  no lift, 770EUR+

1 room ap, furnished, Dunajska, 1st district, 36 m2, 500 EUR+

4 room ap, unfurnished, Haydukova, 1 st ditrict, 130m2, 1100 EUR+

4 room ap, furnished, Stetinova, 1st district, 126m2, 1500 EUR+

1 room ap, furnished, Vajnorska, 3rd district, 1st floor, 36 m2, 500 EUR

4 room ap, furnished, Spitalska, Bratislava, 1st district, 1800 EUR

3 room ap, partly furnished, Kronerova,  Bratislava, 1st district, 896 EUR

2 room ap, fully furnished, Hronskeho, Bratislava 3rd district, 660 EUR

2 room ap, fully furnished, Hviezdoslavovo nam, center of Bratislava, 800 EUR

4-room ap, Frana Krala, Bratislava 1st district, 1300 EUR+utilities

2,5 room ap, furnished, Vysoka, Bratislava 1st district, 3rd floor, lift, 750 EUR utilities included 

3-room ap, Laurinska, Bratislava Old Town, furnished, 3rd floor, no lift,  900+100 EUR

3-room ap, duplex, Sladkovicova, Bratislava Palisady, Old Town, furnished, 900+100 EUR

3-room ap, Dubravka (near QSI), unfurnished, available immediately, 800 EU + utilities

4-room ap, Kramare, furnished, available from February 2009, 1350EU + 120EU  

2 room ap, Jedlikova, Bratislava 1st district, furnished, 18,000 Skk + 2,000 utilities

1-room apartment, Venturska, Bratislava Old Town, furnished, pedestrian zone, 15,000 Skk + 2,000 utilities

2-room apartment, Groesslingova street, Bratislava Old Town, 2nd floor, no lift, completely furnished, parking in the street, 70m2, 20,500 Skk, (17,000 + 3,500 utilities), available immediately.

1-room apartment, Groesslingova street, Bratislava Old Town, 2nd floor, lift, completely furnished, balcony, parking in the yard, 40m2, 17,000 Skk utilities included, available from February 2009.

2-room apartment, Gorkeho, Old Town, 49m2, top floor, terrace, furnished, 700 EUR + utilities

4,5 room apartment, Marianska, Bratislava 1st District, 105m2, partly furnished, parking in the yard, 800 EUR + utilities

3 room apartment, large, 130m2, Cajkovskeho, Bratislava 1st district, terrace, furnished



To sell:

2 room ap, Raca, 48 m2, 2,6 mil Skk

5 room apartment, 104m2, new construction, Baltska, 5,7 mil Skk

8 room apartment, 217m2, attick apartment, reconstruction from 2001, Banskobystricka (next to presidential Palace), 14 mil