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Summer courses of Slovak language

Intensive Slovak courses for beginers and Conversation classes during the month of July and August. Contact: Michaela Wickleinova,,, phone: 0903 369 441


Slovak language courses: A1, A2, Conversation in Slovak, individual one-to-one courses. Communicative method and friendly atmosphere, classroom in town centre on Ventúrska 14. Contact: Michaela Wickleinova,,, phone: 0903 369 441



Evening classes and Summer courses in Bratislava


Learn Slovak

Basic words to pronounce:

Elementary Slovak Language Course 
Basic words and sentences

Slovak-English Vocabulary
by Margarete Hurn


Where to get Slovak TEXTBOOKS and English FICTION ?

List of Slovak textbooks available in local book stores.

Oxford BOOKSTORE in Bratislava 


Forum for English speaking learners of Slovak -  not a language-learning course but a support forum for English speakers learning Slovak to compare notes, ask questions, try some revision exercises, games, quizzes and more  




WHERE to Learn Slovak in Bratislava:





Summer School of Slovak Language and Culture - Studia Academica Slovaca
Philosophy Faculty of Comenius University, Bratislava
Tel: (02) 5933-9497
Contact: Eva Špaňová

Summer Schools of the Institute for Language and Academic Preparation for Foreign Students (UJOP) Centre of Continuing Education (Centrum d’alšieho vzdelávania or CDV), Comenius University, Bratislava
Tel: (02) 5011-7719
Contact: Elena Homolová

Slovak Language and Culture Summer School, Center for Language Preparation,
Bratislava School of Law (a private school of higher education)  
Tel: (02) 6353-3148
Contact: Alena Mikolajová or Eva Maierová
Intensive Slovak Language Courses in 2010-2011

Summer School of Slovak Language & Culture in 2010

Slovak for Foreigners - summer intensive courses, International House Bratislava – The Caledonian School,, Tel: (02) 5296-2675
Contact: Michaela Matejovičová 



Learning other languages:

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