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Contacts to Pediatricians

We realize how important it is to have a good pediatrician for your child. We have reviewed lists of pediatricians posted on internet plus we have added some names for your consideration. If you have good experience and want to recommend a good one to the others feel free to use the link down below:

List of Pediatricians in Bratislava

Long List of Pediatricians in Bratislava


Some recommended  English speaking doctors for children:

Ms Katarina Simovicova, Mytna c.5,  Bratislava - speaks English 

Dr Anna Gibalova, Petrzalka - speaks English

Dr Viera Cakanyova, Petrzalka - speaks Russian and English

Dr Randikova, Horsky park - speaks Russian, Hungarian

Dr Marta Grmanova, Spitalska (oposite Two lions building)

Dr Patricia Goldenberg, Petrzalka, Fedinova

Dr Gabriela Stellerova, Liscie Nivy




Hospitals and Clinics for Children:

Hospital for children on Kramare, Limbova

Pneumology and Alergology


Hospital in Petrzalka, Antolska


PRIVATE Health Centers

Pro Care, Euromedix, Apollo center, Prievozska - list of medical specialists - also for children

Pro Sanus, Karlova Ves, nam sv. Frantiska - list of medical specialists

Pro Care, Petrzalka, Betliarska - list of medical specialists

Pro Care, Slovnaft - list of medical specialists

Pro Care, Daxnerovo nam - list of medical specialists - also for children

Medifera, Sturova - list of medical specialists + paediatrics

Probios - Ruzova dolina - list of medical specialists

Hospital Milosrdni bratia, Nam SNP - list of medical specialist


PRIVATE Medical centers for Kids