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Car driving in Slovakia and Bratislava

Minimum  driving age: 18

Front seat: child of 12+

Top speed on highway:                       130 km/hour
Top speed on regional roads:              90 km/hour  
Top speed limit in urban areas:           50 km/hour
Alcohol limit: zero                                            
Smoking, drinking, eating and use of cell phones while driving is forbidden

Stickers for highways are available at gas station or news stands for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month 

Use of lights is compulsory all day long


As to avoid problems with police remember to carry all documents (ID, driving licence, technical licence), have the seat belt attached, don't drive too fast, never drink before the trip, do not drive on the wrong side of the road and park your car only where parking is allowed.  When you hear a fire engine or a first aid car slow down, move your car to the side and free the lane.


PARKING IN BRATISLAVA it is not easy to find a place for parking in Bratislava.  It is advised to avoid parking on crossed places, since those are reserved for residents.

In the center, parking on available places is paid during the day from 8-16. You can pay by sending phone with local tel number  by sending sms to 2200
Form of sms: BA(space)A4(space)Plate Number of the parked car
e.g. BA_A4_BA861SE

You can pay also on automat poll standing near places available.


DRIVING LICENCE - national licence issued in the Slovak republic.  You can use the driving licence issued in your country while you drive a car in the Slovak republic. After 185 days of your stay here it is recommended to get a national driving licence. More questions related to driving documents can be sent by e-mail.


CAR REGISTRATION IN SLOVAKIA - detailed information (in Slovak) from the Ministry of interior. Generally, it is possible to register imported cars from EU and some other countries.  It is not possible to register right hand driven cars.  Related requests send by e-mail to the information department at the Ministry:  Don't forget to specify your name, address and clearly specify your request.