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Frequently Asked Questions about Apartment Rental:

1. Is it possible to negotiate rental fee ?

Usually yes, it depends on the length of the lease period.


2. What does the rental fee include?

Rental fee includes all taxes related.  Sometimes it can include also common costs.

Utilities (energy consumption), internet, cable TV and parking are usually paid extra.

3. What are common costs ?

Services related to house management: cleaning of common premises, garbage disposal, maintenance of elevator, lightening, etc.

3. What do utilities include?

Utilities cover consumption of gas, electricity, water and heating. Utilities are usually paid by a lump sum advance.  Reconciliation is done once or twice a year on the base of submitted invoices. 
Internet, cable TV, parking are usually arranged and paid extra. 

4. How do I know my consumption ?

All the properties are equipped with individual electricity, water and gas meters. The stands of the meters is to be checked on entry and noted in Handover protocol.  Invoices from energy providers reflect the real consumption.


5. What is security deposit ?

Landlords usually request Deposit in amount of 1-2 months rent. In case you intend to keep pets in the property, the owner might ask higher deposit to cover possible damage. Deposit serves for covering outstanding obligations at the end of the contract.

6. What is usual notice period?

Local law specifies three months notice. You can agree on a shorter notice period, however, in case of any later dispute 3 months notice is valid from law.


7. In case I'm relocated before the expiry of the lease, is there any possibility to terminate the contract?

Yes. The lease contract usually includes the 'Diplomatic Clause' that says you may terminate the contract by giving shorter notice (1-2 months) in writing. 


10. Is it better to work with more agents at a time?

It is not recommended to clients to work with more agents at a time. You can see the same place twice,  it is more time consuming and brings usually more confusion and more stress.  The best strategy is to trust one agent, e.g. 4expat, who is able to make effective search for you also in cooperation with other local agents.  In the process of communication with only one agent you can better specify your needs and get the most fitting shortlist for your site visits.


8. What is the usual commission paid to an agent ?

Agents usually charge amount of one month rent for their services in form of a success fee paid at the time of contract sign.   

9. Do I pay more if my agent offers property in cooperation with other agents ?

No. You pay the agreed commission to one agent (e.g. 4expat). Cooperation is a good strategy of some agents which brings the best matching results.  4expat cooperates with more partner agents. 

10.  Why should I trust to 4expat ?

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