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Basic Information about the Local Renting Conditions

In the Slovak Republic you can rent apartments or houses from private owners furnished or unfurnished.  Size of apartment is described according to the total number of rooms not only bedrooms (living room, bedrooms, guest room, study room, ...)  Studio can include also a separate kitchen and a separate room. The smallest type of apartment is "garsonka", a small studio, with "all in one", one room with a kitchenette and small bathroom.


Fully equipped kitchen usually involves fridge, freezer, microwave, stove and oven.  In a modern kitchen there is also a built in dishwasher. Washing machine (rarely also a dryer) is usually part of a kitchen or a bathroom. It is not usual to have a separate laundry room. There are bathrooms with a toilet but most of them have a separate toilet room. In the bathroom you can get a shower cabin or a bath tub, bigger apartments can offer both. New modern apartments usually offer an open plan kitchen with a living room. Furnished living room usually includes sofa and a TV set. TV signal can be arranged either by cable TV (UPC), Magio (TCom) or satelite (SATRO, etc.)  When you negotiate with signal provider it is recommended to go for a package offer with fast speed internet.  Most apartments offer landline connection enabling arrangement of a high speed internet.  You can arrange internet also from mobile providers (O2, Globtel, T-com).

Internet and TV is usually not included in the payment to landlord and it is paid directly to provider by Tenant based on his choice. 4expat agency can assist with contacting providers. 




MONTHLY RENT usually does not cover utilities though it can happen that services, utilities and parking are included in the monthly rental cost. Rent payment is usually by month or quarterly, upon agreement, always paid in advance. The amount of monthly rent payment depends on location, total utility area, number of rooms, amenities and overall conditions (lift, parking, view, age of the building, number of people in the apartment, length of stay, etc.).  Rent amount in Bratislava: Though nowadays rent amounts are decreasing the lowest monthly rent in the center rarely drops under 450 EUR for studio. In the center you should count with min 550-650EUR/month. For 1 bedroom place you should count with 600-1200 EUR, 2 bedroom places start from 850EUR and could come up to 1300-1500EUR, 3 bedroom places and larger 1100-2000EUR (depends on furnishing, terace, view, parking possibilies). Houses in VIP locations 1600-4000 and even more, it depends on size, furnishing, garage, sauna, whirlpool, swimming pool, garden, security system, private residential areas, ... You should count with an extra cost for utility advance - read below.

UTILITIES cover consumption of gas, electricity, water, services (cleaning of common premises, garbage disposal, etc), parking, internet and cable TV. Utilities are paid extra by a lump sum advance pay - reconciliated once or twice a year on the base of real consumption and submitted invoices from energy providers. 

CABLE TV and INTERNET is usually not included in the advance for utilities unless it has already been connected on onwer's name. In almost all places you can arrange TV and internet connection on your name based on your choice. 4expat agency can send you the options upon request. Some apartments/houses may offer satelite connection.

DEPOSIT - In addition to regular monthly rental fee, a guarantee in form of a DEPOSIT is required. It is usually equivalent to 1-3 months of rent and serves to cover outstanding obligations at the end of the contract and to cover landlord's property. It is returnable at the end of rent period. It can be used to cover landlord's entitlements based on contract conditions.

COMMISSION or SERVICE FEE is paid to a local agent for arranging oportunity to sign a rent contract on particular property of tenant's choice. Usual charge in amount of 1 monthly rent.  (To compare: in Vienna the agent's fee makes up to 3 months rent.)

RESIDENCE PERMIT: You might need to register and apply for a residence permit once you have signed your contract.  4expat is here to help you with.


LENGTH OF RENT:  Long term contracts are prepared usually for a minimum period of one year with possibility to extend.


NOTICE PERIOD is negotiable, however according to the local Civil Code, three months advance notice is required before you can terminate a residential rental agreement. It is possible to agree on a diplomatic clause (shorter notice period, 1-2 months) in case tenant is forced to leave the country by his employer.  For extending the lease you need to inform and agree with landlord minimum 1-2 months in advance. 


Residential districts and WHERE to look for your place to stay in Bratislava.


Frequently Asked Questions about Apartment Rental


At the end of your stay, when you leave a place you have been satisfied with you my wish to recommend it. We shall include it to our database with your commendation.