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Wellcome in our ARCHIVE showing possible properties for rent in attractive locations of Bratislava, for your information. Places available NOW  see HERE

You may wish to specify YOUR CONDITIONS in this REQUEST and we shall come back to you with specific fitting list.


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BA I - Radvanska, 240m2, 4 bedrooms, view, garage


BA III - Pezinska, 240m2, 4 bedrooms, partly furnished


BA III - Koliba, Trinasta, 300m2, 4 bedrooms, garden, sauna

Family house offering panorama view of the Danube part of Bratislava from 2 teraces. Disposition: entry to the top floor with living room with a fireplace and a kitchen with pantry, …


New and modern house in a romantic village-like environment, with view to wineyards, situated in Nove mesto, just 5 mins drive from Stare mesto. 3 floors: entry floor with a spacious …


Unfurnished family house in a safe private street on Koliba. Security system. 4 bedrooms, kitchen with an open living room and dining space, living room with a fireplace, open to …

2 100 €/mes.
  2 900 €/mes.
  2 900 €/mes.

BA I - castle hill, Radvanska, 290m2, 4 bedrooms, garage, garden


BA III - Koliba, Vancurova, 165m2, 4 bedrooms, modern unfurnished, garage


BA Lamac - Povoznicka, 187m2, 5 bedrooms, furnished

Luxury modern house in a safe prestigeous location on a castle hill. It is easily accessible from the center. View to the Danube river from the terace. Disposition: 3 floors, entry …


Modern complex of semidetached houses with a roof terace, green teraced and a garage situated in a popular and VIP area of Koliba offering quiet family friendly environment. near …


Modern furnished apartment situated in a quiet street in Lamac well connected to international schools and the center of town. Summer swimming pool is nearby. Garden with a …

3 600 €/mes.
  2 200 €/mes.
  1 990 €/mes.

BA III - Kramare, Vlarska, 250m2, 3 bedrooms, garage, extra space


BA Lamac - Klanec, 360m2, 5 bedrooms, partly furnished, garage


BA I - Horsky park, 330m2, 4 bedroom, unfurnished, garage, garden

Family house after refurbishing. Disposition: entry to the garden and a separate social room with bar. In the main builidng: separate kitchen and dining room, separate living room. …


Spacious 3 floor house + garage and extra spacious storage space, situated in Lamac in a quiet street. Garden and a barbecue place behind. Disposition: spacious garage for 2-4 …


Nice house with 4 bedrooms, large and spacious living room and dining room open to a trimmed garden with artificial watering. Disposition: entered from the street: 2 bedrooms (master …

2 200 €/mes.
  2 800 €/mes.
  3 500 €/mes.

BA I - Jasenova, 190m2, 4 bedrooms, unfurnished, garden, garage


BA III - Koliba, Dvanasta, 300m2, 5 bedrooms, garage, garden


BA I - Hrebendova, 240m2, 5 bedrooms, sauna, garden, parking

New refurbished house offering comfort and privacy for a family, situated in Horsky park next to international school. Disposition: 2 floors, open kitchen and living room with a …


SORRY, THIS PLACE HAS BEEN TAKEN, send us an email specification and we shall find you a similar place to rent.   Detached house on Koliba. Three floors: open kitchen with a …


SORRY, THIS PLACE HAS BEEN TAKEN, send us an email specification and we shall find you a similar place to rent. Interesting spacious house in a VIP location on a castle hill, facing …

2 300 €/mes.
  1 600 €/mes.
  1 800 €/mes.

BA II - Zvolenska, 320m2, 5 bedrooms, furnished, garage, garden


BA III - Koliba, Trinasta, 240m2, 4 bedrooms, garden, garage


BA Zahorska Bystrica, 500m2, 6 bedrooms, swimming pool, garden

Modern frunished house available close to Apollo business center, situated in a residential area only 5 mins far from the center. House is having 4 floors: basement with generous …


SORRY, THIS PLACE HAS BEEN TAKEN, send us an email specification and we shall find you a similar place to rent. Family friendly area on Koliba, security service, playground, …


Family house with a swimming pool, garden with a garden house. Disposition of the house: 3 floors: entry floor with a study room, guest room, living room with a fireplace and a …

  2 700 €/mes.
  2 900 €/mes.

BA - Zahorska Bystrica, 137m2, 4 bedrooms, garden


BA IV - Karlova Ves, Stare Grunty, 320m2, 4 bedrooms, sauna, swimming pool


BA IV - Pernecka, 300m2, 4 bedrooms, furnished, sauna, garage

New built house (2012) situated in Zahorska Bystrica, having 2 floors, economic energy consumption and a garden. Disposition: open kitchen and a living room, a study, and a bathroom …


SORRY, THIS PLACE HAS BEEN TAKEN, send us an email specification and we shall find you a similar place to rent. Detached family house situated in Karlova Ves on Stare Grunty, not …


Modern furnsihed house in a quiet closed location of Karlova Ves - next to American school, QSI a not far from the British international school. Three floors, sauna, garage, parking …

940 €/mes. (VAT inc)
  2 500 €/mes. (VAT inc)
  2 300 €/mes. (VAT inc)

BA I - Revova, 386m2, 8 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, garage, garden


BA - Chorvatsky grob, 101m2, 2 bedrooms, garage, furnished


BA IV - Liscie udolie, 350m2, 6 bedrooms, garage, terace

Sunny family house with 3 floors, garage for 2 cars, sauna, parking for 6 more cars next to the house, garden with artificial watering. Entry floor: kitchen with a new kitchen …


Modern and new, completely furnished house close to Bratislava with a garage and a garden. Own well for watering. Quiet environment. Possibilities for golf, horse riding. Private and …


Spacious semidetached house in close vicinity to QSI American international school. Disposition: 4 floors. Entry floor: garage, storage space, technical room, staircase. First floor: …

3 300 €/mes. (VAT inc)
  950 €/mes. (VAT inc)
  2 200 €/mes. (VAT inc)
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