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HOME SEARCH  - Assistance with ACCOMODATION. We listen to your requirements and are able to offer the most fitting apartments matching your criteria.  We provide unbiased advise since we cooperate with many local agents, review local conditions, availability of properties to rent, rental fees and safe locations suitable for your particular needs.  If you entrust your search to 4expat we prepare a complex survey for you in cooperation with other agents, save your time and find the best option for you.  We help with legal support during contracting, insurance of your belongings, connecting internet and cable TV.



RESIDENCE PERMIT - Assistance to EU as well as non EU citizens.   Condition of pay upon specific request and complexity of work.


OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS - we help you arrange all types of official documents related to your work and stay in Slovakia. 



TRANSLATION - arranging official translation of official letters and documents.

INTERPRETING - ad hoc interpreting when you need to deal with authorities, protect your rights in conflict situations, purchasing, listening at the police, negotiating, etc. 

ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT in order to save your time and frustration we shall help with all types of local administrative procedures which can be very complicated. We can help you to fill in the forms, review documents and contracts, etc.



HOTLINE 4EXPAT - for our subscribers we provide bilingual assistance (Slovak-English) on demand by telephone or e-mail: subscribers can contact us when they have communication problem or emergency (arrange a taxi, call local emergency number).   We shall find a professional help to solve an instant problem (lawyer, medical specialist...) or translate a short letter on phone.  For less urgent requests an e-mail connection is used.



If you want to use our service send us your specific e-mail request. We are ready to agree on a case-to-case PACKAGE SERVICE OFFER based on your respective needs.

COST OF OUR SERVICE is set according to local conditions and based on extend, demand and emergency of services.