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Frequently Asked Questions

We apreciate the information related to various important issues posted on your website and we can see also the difference in apartments offered in your database - all this means an additional value to us.  What is your service fee ? 


Our service fee is based on a general success fee for finding a fitting apartment for rent in Slovakia - in amount of one month rent.  (In Austria you need to count with three months rent !)  4expat tries to offer more - with no additional charges to general service fee. 

You may see on internet free offers, no service fee charged - agents protect interests of owners, they try to keep the most lucrative rent for him.  They do not let you negotiate and you may end up with a higher monthly rent. We help our clients to negotiate with the owners to find mutually beneficial conditions.  Our rent contracts are in Slovak and English, both contractual parties have a chance to discuss the contract conditions.


Do you offer any discounts on your service fee ?


In some cases we are able to offer certain discount for our service.  Mainly in case of a more expensive rent, for our loyal client (it is important to rely on one agent as to avoid confusions during apartment search) and if a client is able to make a decision from the first 5 sitevisits.  By posting many offers to our database we try to save our time as well as the time of our clients. 


I have seen an interesting offer on internet posted by another agent - can you help me to see this apartment or should I contact the other agent directly ?


It is not the best practice to cooperate with more agents at a time. You can avoid many embarassing situations and save your time when you entrust your search just to one of them. We cooperate with local agents and if you send us the link we can arrange your sitevisit in cooperation, no additional cost for you.  We are aware that 4Expat is having one of the most comprehensive database of preselected apartments of a good quality in Bratislava and it is visited not only by expats but also by other local agents.  Send us your Specifications and we can find the best fit for you.


There are many agents offering apartments for rent - why should I cooperate with 4expat ?


We have a long work experience with expats.  Our clients are bussinessmen, diplomats, international companies, Embassies, schools, foreign teachers and also students. We have a good reputation among owners of the apartments and also among our partners.  We speak fluent English and know the local market.  We spend many hours preselecting apartments for rent which are in good locations and which fit the needs of expats. We provide consultancy to our clients.  We respond fast and efficiently to their requests.  Information related to relocation posted on our website is updated regularly.  There is no other agency publishing this type of information for free. We help with residential permit under one package.  We help to arrange the best type of internet and Tv, plus more.   We keep contact with our clients during their whole stay in Bratislava and we are ready to help.