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Condition of Payments and Our Service Charges



after contract is signed payment of the first month rent plus deposit which is usually in amount of one month rent is to be paid.

Then handout of the apartment can take place.




Home search:  we charge usual commission/service fee in amount of one month rent for arranging opportunity to sign a rent contract on particuar property of tenant's choice. Usual charge is in amount of 1 monthly rent payable at the time of contract sign.

Minimum service fee is 500EUR (in case of a low cost apartment).  

More complex service and consultancy is paid under case specific conditions and agreement.

Initial sitevisits are arranged for free. Arranging more than 3 sitevisits is a subject of agreement and an advance fee (deductable from the final success fee). Our price calculation is based on general local cost conditions, type and scope of work, urgency and time spent on a specific task.



Offered service


4expat manages a comprehensive DATABASE of nice apartments and houses available in Bratislava (registered visitors can see also cost conditions). This can give you general overview of local prices for rent.  We make preselection of the most fitting options for you (based on your particular specification).  We can help you to adjust your monthly rent price to the length of your stay, number of people with you, pets, parking needs, furnishing.   

We arrange sitevisits, help with negotations with owners, provide consultation and support during apartment search up to the final sign and apartment handover. We arrange dual language rent contract usable for official permissions.

We help to our clients with relocation: provide assistance with residential and work permits, help with arranging the most fitting package for internet, TV and landline, insurance of your belongings, parking permission (if needed).  

We are known with a good knowledge of local market, wide selection of places available and due care for our clients. We cooperate with agent partners and are able to provide a really wide selection of fitting places. 

We are in touch with our clients during the whole time of their stay in Bratislava and are ready to offer our hand and advice any time they need it.

LEGAL support:  dual language rental contract tailored to specific place with a notary aproved signatures acceptable for future official needs. 

Revision of market situation: matching available places to the given conditions and preparing a short list of the most fitting offers.

We arrange site visits with landlords, provide advise and interpreting, pre-negotiate rental conditions for you.  


INFORMATION Chapters related to relocation is our special bonus to visitors of our website.  Note that complete content and our database is seen upon free REGISTRATION.  You can find on our website useful initial information on various issues and situations related to living in Slovakia.

POSTING YOUR OWN ADS and participation in Forum groups is for our REGISTERED visitors for free (subject of aproval from administrator).  4expat does not take responsibility for particular service or commercial offers announced by other subjects.

Partnership cooperation, posting specific announcements, links or banners on this web follows case by case agreements.

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